Suggested Category Products

Display products from personalized categories suggestion on homepage.

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frontend suggestedproducts

This allows you to to config selected elements as general configuration for Suggested Category Products.

  1. Login your Prestashop admin
  2. Go to Modules > Modules Manager

  3. Choose “Modules” tab

  4. On Suggested Category Products module, click "Configure" button.


    We got:


    • Sort by: Products can be sorted
    • Order by: Change the order of your products
    • Products limit: Set the number of products which you would like to see displayed in this module
    • Choose the categories: Select categories you want to display on homepage


    • Rows: Number rows of module
    • Number of Items:: Show number of product visible
    • Slide speed: Set the speed of slide
    • Auto play: Select Yes to play automatically (Default is 1000ms)
    • Time auto: This field only is value when auto play function is enable. Default is 3000ms.
    • Show Next/Back control: Select Yes/No to show/hide Next/Back button
    • Show pagination control: Select Yes/No to show/hide pagination
    • Scroll number: Count the number of scroll events
    • Pause On Hover: Select Yes to pause when the mouse is over the slideshow
    • Responsive: Allow to set number of column for each device

    => Configure parameters as you want

  5. Click Save button when you finish

Product categories are used to be title of this module

How to translate categories

  • Login your Prestashop admin
  • Go to Catalog > Catagories
  • On selected catagory, click "Edit" button.
  • Click to choose language you want to translate.
  • At Name, enter your language & click Save button when you finish

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